An All-Inclusive Approach to Web Marketing

Rich Brooks advices to develop a holistic approach for online success.

After much anticipation, last week the doors opened to an online conference I’d been waiting for – the Small Business Success Summit 2012, as presented by Social Media Examiner. Having attended nearly all of the “Success Summits” since their inception in 2008 (Copywriters Success Summit, Blogging Success Summit, White Papers Success Summit, Social Media Success Summit … and I am probably missing a few), when I signed up for the latest in the Success Summit series months ago, I knew it would be good.

The first session was presented by Flyte’s president, Rich Brooks: From Social to Sales: 4 Steps for Growing Your Small Business Revenue.

In this informative session, Brooks described a holistic approach to web marketing by explaining it as an all-inclusive approach. “Holistic medicine treats the whole person, not just the disease. Holistic Web Marketing likewise views your online marketing as an integrated whole, not just a bunch of pieces.” (Source: Holistic Web Marketing: An Integrated Approach to Online Success)

Holistic Web Marketing has four aspects: attraction, retention, conversion and measurement.

Attraction is perhaps what most contractors focus on: search, referrals and direct traffic to their website and includes SEO and social media. I see lots of remodelers getting hung up on SEO statistics (which I agree are important), but if you don’t have the mechanisms in place to retain visitors and eventually convert visitors to paying customers, what’s the point of directing the traffic back to your site?

Retention involves staying in touch with interested people. Two great means for keeping in touch include opt-in email marketing and RSS feeds. Do you have both mechanisms highly visible for visitors to stay in touch with you? Many contractors don’t.

Additionally, one great piece of advice that Brooks gave involves social media. With more and more consumers engaged with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (and soon to be Google+), this point really hit home: Don’t send people off your website to social media sites if you aren’t active on them. Too many times builders and remodelers send interested people onto their Facebook page (because that’s what “everyone” is doing). The problem is that if you aren’t actively posting and engaging consumers on your Facebook page, when the consumer gets there they notice that the contractor hasn’t posted anything in months. Do you think that impresses the consumer?

If you are going to send people always from your website so they can connect with you via social media, make sure it is with networks you are good at – and involved in.

Conversion is moving people down the sales funnel, and all of this should happen on your website (not your social media sites). Do you show off your projects with a project spotlight? Does your copy seem friendly and easy to understand? And the big point that Brooks noted: Does your home page talk about YOU or is it about the consumer (it should be about the consumer)? Too many contractors focus their website totally on attraction and forget about conversion. You need to motivate people to take action, too, by including “Calls To Action.”

Finally, there is measurement. This involves studying your analytics, email sign ups, and search engine rankings so you can improve on what you are doing and change what’s not working.

As Brooks states, “You’ll enjoy better results from a balanced, holistic approach to Web marketing than by focusing all of your attention on just one area.” What do you think?

Read Rich Brooks full explanation of Holistic Web Marketing here.

– Tess Witter::The BLDRsWriter, Creator of Social Media Content Warehouse & Custom Article Drafting Table


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