Blogging Takes Patience

blogging-takes-patienceThis morning when I read this blog article by Mark Schaefer I was reminded how important patience is when you are a blogger. While I intuitively know this, it is still one of the harder attributes for me to master.

Blogging isn’t for those who wish to see instant return on investment. In fact, blogging is similar to undertaking a highway improvement project in that it takes years to complete. Let’s face it. Those infrastructure projects are never truly complete because there is always a new project that needs addressed.

This is the same with blogging. You may finally achieve a milestone, say 1,000 subscribers, but will that be enough? Won’t you want to continue to grow your reach and share your expertise with even more people? Certainly!

Blogging takes ….

Planning. You must plan how you are going to blog on a regular basis. Are you going to do it all by yourself? Are you and others within your organization going to take turns writing content? Are you going to hire a writer (such as me) to write some or all of your blog posts? And who is going to post the new articles, distribute it out via social media channels and then monitor and interact with readers?

A Publication Schedule. How often are you going to post to your blog? Daily? 2-3 times a week? Weekly? And what days? At a bare minimum, you should be posting new material to your blog on a weekly basis. Anything longer and you’ll lose readership.

Consistency. Once you decide on a publication schedule, set an appointment with yourself and just do it – consistently. Admittedly, for me, this is absolutely the hardest parts about blogging. But the reality is this: If you aren’t posting to your blog consistently, your audience will dismiss you and move onto something new. They will get their information elsewhere … and build stronger connections with one of your competitors.

Great Content. Above all else, if your blog content sucks, people won’t read it. They won’t follow you and they won’t pass it along to others. Your blog will be dead in the water. You must have great content on your blog!

Great content is fun and informative … and not about you. Think about what your readers want to know. Ask yourself, “What topics will make my readers take time out of their busy schedule to learn more about (and ultimately connect further with me)?”

Does this mean they will read it every day? Most-likely not (I mean, come on! We are all busy.). But will they come back and thoroughly enjoy reading several articles on your blog at a later date? That’s what you want to achieve.

Patience. I’ve often said that blogging isn’t a sprint. It is a marathon … or more accurately, a series of marathons. Blogging takes dedication, patience and a lot of hard work. Your “tribe” will not just magically appear, but given time (along with planning, scheduling, great content and consistency), blogging will provide you with a loyal readership, raving fans and yes, even more business.

If you need help with your blogging initiative, I offer blog article writing services and consulting. If you need help in this area, let’s talk.

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  1. Mark W Schaefer December 2, 2012 10:16 pm #

    Well I don’t mean to suggest that I have mastered patience to any degree! : ) Luckily it only took about 18 months for my blog to kick in. I’m not the most patient guy in the world but it worked out! Thanks for continuing the conversation Tess. I appreciate your support!
    Mark W Schaefer would like to share a recent blog post..Your 2013 Social Media Strategy: Grow a Pair.My Profile

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