How to Combat Social Media Fatigue

  If you are feeling overwhelmed or find yourself pulling back from social media, you could be experiencing social media fatigue. Social media fatigue happens when you are simply “done” with social media. You have no desire to friend, tweet or Instagram anymore. Most of us probably have suffered from social media fatigue at one […]

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Customer Success Stories: Show ‘em how amazing you really are

Have you ever had one of those customer service experienced that just blew you away? Ironically, it may be a relatively normal experience, but because we have come to expect hassles and headaches synonymous with customer service, when you have an experience that actually provides a solution to your issue, you are amazed. And if […]

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Basic Elements of Online Lead Generation

  In this video, I talked about how lead generation should work which came as a result of a conversation I had with a contractor. He was frustrated with his social media efforts and even started wondering if he was “wasting time.” This is a conversation I have at least once a week, and while I […]

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How Online Lead Generation Should Work

  Earlier today I spoke to a contractor who knew that he was missing “something” with his online marketing efforts. He has a blog, has an email list and does social media from time to time, but none of it was generating the ROI he knew he should be getting. He was becoming very frustrated […]

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Connect Your Online Marketing Dots for ROI

  Are you frustrated with your online marketing efforts? Do you often wonder why is it that others have said that their social media efforts are paying off, yet you can’t seem to figure out HOW that’s possible? And most importantly, do you question when the heck are you actually going to see a return […]

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Email Marketing Grows Your Business

I talk about email newsletters a lot, and it is  because I firmly believe that email marketing works. It is one of the critical components for keeping the pipeline of any business flowing. Having said that, you need to constantly be adding new subscribers to your list in order for it to be effective (and […]

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Start and Grow Your Email List

  If you do one thing for your business this fall – do this. Start and grow your email list. You can have hundreds of followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but until you have a list of subscribers, all of your social media followers don’t matter. Why? 1) You can’t communicate with them directly […]

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content marketing takes time

Content Marketing Takes Time

One of the hardest things in today’s “instant” world is patience. As a society, we have grown used to on-demand movies (thanks Netflix), one-day shipping (thanks Amazon) and instant downloads (thanks Kindle). It is a world where we don’t have to wait very long to get access to whatever our heart desires. I recently became […]

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Why Remodelers Should Use Twitter

  Last Wednesday, Bridget Willard (@RigginsConst), Carol Stephen (@Carol_Stephen) and I (@TessWittler) were guests on MyFixItUpLife. We were invited to share our perspective on this question: Do remodelers need Twitter? Show hosts, Mark and Theresa, have different points of view on the usefulness of Twitter, and after some technical difficulty, we zoom out of the […]

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3 Content Ideas When You Have No Time to Write

No time to write? No problem! I, too, sometimes find myself pressed for time. In fact, it happened this week. I typically draft my weekly email newsletter on the weekend, but due to life, that didn’t happen. I found myself  THE DAY it is scheduled to go out … without an article. Yikes! Which, interestingly […]

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