The Social Media Marketing Puzzle

Anyone who’s hunched over a 1,000 piece puzzle understands the joy and frustration it brings. On one hand, it is rewarding and fun to hear the “snap” of pieces going together. But on the other hand, there are always a few spots where you insist that there is a puzzle piece missing … because no […]

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Blogging for Contractors: Create an Inventory

Here’s a question I often receive: “When starting a blog (or restarting our efforts), should I spend some time creating an inventory of articles first, before publishing to the blog … or should I publish articles as I write them?” Admit it. You think this is a great question, too – which is why I […]

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7 Steps to a Better Blog Article

With over 2 million blog posts published every day, just blogging alone is not enough to catch someone’s attention and gain their trust. You need to publish high-quality content that is interesting and truly resonates with readers. After all, this content is part of your overall lead generation system. You want it to be it […]

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Lead Generation: Who Visits Your Website?

As a contractor, you probably have invested time and money to get your business noticed online. You may have hired a web designer to create a professional-looking website and even worked with a copywriter, like me, to hone in on the message and create good, organic SEO results. You probably also spend a reasonable amount […]

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Generate Leads with Social Media: Write Your Version

If you are like most businesses, you are tapping into the social media to “advertise” your business. You know that getting new eyeballs on your business name and logo will bring a higher-level of awareness to your business and generate leads. I get it. I work with contractors all across the country and Canada and […]

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Make Your Content More Relatable

The other day I was working with a remodeling client of mine, John from Cape Cod Massachusetts, and together we were developing the content for the next issue of his email newsletter. As is typical for my clients, the heart of his newsletter is a project spotlight, however, much of the rest of the newsletter […]

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The Olympics have captivating stories. Why don’t you?

What’s your favorite part of the Olympics? It is the Opening Ceremonies? The hockey match-ups? Ice skating? Bobsledding? Snowboarding? Curling? While many of those sporting events quite exciting to watch (as I write this, the hubby and I are looking forward to the hockey match-ups between USA and Canada today and tomorrow), my favorite part […]

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winter home security

Contractor Blog Idea: Winter Vacations & Home Security

Note from Tess: In my desire to help contractors answer the question, “What do I write about?” from time to time, I will provide blog ideas for contractors.  I recently took this picture during one of my mid-morning walks with my “girls” (aka dogs). From the snow-covered sidewalk and the newspapers out front, my first […]

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giving away too much content

When Are You Giving Away Too Much Content?

When I talk to contractors about starting a blog or finally creating an eBook to capture new subscribers (aka new leads), many are concerned about giving away too much information. They are afraid that if  they share too much in “how tos”, readers will never contact them and business will be lost. While I can […]

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frozen furnace intake-outtake

Contractor Blog Ideas: How to Avoid Freeze-Related Issues Within The Home

Note from Tess: As part of my effort to answer the question, “What do I write about?” from time to time, I am going to provide you with a blog article idea a new category called, Contractor Blog Ideas. If you want more ideas to stimulate your creativity, download my free eBook, 52 Content Ideas. […]

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