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5 Content Challenges Every Marketer Has

What is your biggest content challenge? Truth is, every marketer has them. Even the biggest names in the industry have challenges in creating, curating and keeping content fresh, but because their content is so good – and their online messages are so consistent – we often think we are the only ones with content marketing […]

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What Is Content Marketing?

While the term, “content marketing” is used quite regularly, there is still much question about “What is content marketing?” Basically, it is any marketing that involves the creating, sharing and publishing of content for the purposes of attracting and retaining customers. In short, content marketing uses information to advertise the business.

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Content Marketing Takes Time

One of the hardest things in today’s “instant” world is patience. As a society, we have grown used to on-demand movies (thanks Netflix), one-day shipping (thanks Amazon) and instant downloads (thanks Kindle). It is a world where we don’t have to wait very long to get access to whatever our heart desires. I recently became […]

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